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Video Skit: The Fastest Kid in Town

Superheroes have become bigger these days both in cinema and television, thanks to the huge hits by Marvel’s Avengers and other notable characters. DC meanwhile is making its own run and before we see Justice League in the big screen, they had created success in the small screen via Arrow and it’s latest installment The Flash. I’ve been a fan of the latter when I was young so when I learned that the Scarlet Speedster is getting a reboot on t.v., it got me thrilled. I’ve watched the show’s episodes and the effects were great. I was totally fascinated about the speed effect used so I tried to make one. I incorporated the latest Flash’s t.v. soundtrack as a tribute. This is still a work-in progress though as I haven’t included the streaks on the scene’s actions (still figuring it out :))

Here’s the skit I created which was inspired by The Flash.

The Fastest Kid in Town from marvin bea on Vimeo.

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