The Year That was 2014

Taking a look back at 2014, I would say it’s 50-50 good and bad or even 40-60 as we’ve lost many great artists this year. Bad news were all over the pages which overlapped the good ones. One of my greatest basketball heroes locally was still in a coma (as of this writing) after collapsing in their exhibition game although he’s showing some good signs now like breathing on his own according to the latest news updates so hopefully he gets back sooner. More prayers needed for this awesome person please!

Personally, it’s a good one but not as good as 2012 and 2013 (except for injuries and illness incurred in those years). Schedule from work has become more unpredictable that has kept me away from other stuffs that I usually do that caused me to get less sleep (been in front of the computer for 12 hours or more with no active movements, at worst 24 hours) which in turn had me eating more without burning them thus gaining weight again.. uh oh (the last time I hit this weight was back in 2009-2010).. So need to cut back again. I also rarely got a chance to post a new blog here – adventures, activities and what not were scarce.

In terms of playing gigs, haven’t had that much unlike before when I could play almost every week with different artists, only the latter part of the year did I get visible again in the scene and I rarely played my guitar nowadays, reason why my fingers are aching every time I hit the string in a wrong position.

But with all those misses, there were some bright spots personally like getting to travel and play a gig overseas and recording tracks with other artists on some projects.

Hopefully in this Year of The Sheep (Hey that’s my year!), it will be a lot bigger, of course good heath to everyone.

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