Nathan East

Nathan East 2008 Bass Clinic

Back in 2008, session bassist for Eric Clapton and Michel Jackson, to name a few, conducted a bass clinic sponsored by Yamaha. Had the chance to checked that out together with my bro and witnessed how good he really was. Of course I’m a big Clapton fan, so I instantly became a fan of his style of playing too. Without a doubt he’s really good, he’s not as flashy as the other bassists, but he gets the job done efficiently.



Notable Pinoy bassists dropped by as well and after the clinic everyone went for a picture. Unfortunately for most of the audience, they only had a group picture with the man, and luckily for me I was able to meet him before the show started while waiting for my bro in front of Ace Hardware at Robinson’s Pioneer and had a small chat. It was only then that fans started to notice him and went for his autograph and pics too.


bro with fans waiting; group pic class 2008; with nathan east


with barbie almalbis-honasan; my bro with the jerk’s bassist edwin aguilar; the great karel honasan showing his stuff