Boracay travel

Taking A Plunge At Boracay Island

Boracay, one of the most popular destinations in the Philippines, is an island located at the Western part of Visayas. This is the perfect place for a great summer get-away. You’ll not get bored that’s a guarantee. Lots of activities happening all day and night. There’s a wide range of restaurants, bars, pubs, and nightclubs to choose from, open til the wee hours. And during the day, you can either go scuba diving or snorkeling or kiteboarding or windsurfing or cliff diving or you can try them all. It’s like Puerto Galera only bigger and better. Bora has 3 stations while Galera only has one.


It is so famous that when peak season comes, it gets so crowded and it’s so hard to book. It’s sells so fast, especially those that come in with packages like 3 days 2 nights including airfare, so if you want to go there on summer or on peak season, make sure to book earlier.


When we had a tour there, it was not a peak season so it’s not crowded. Station one was more pricey so we booked at station two, just perfect for the group on a budget. And it seemed to be a perfect choice since station two had all the happenings. (Click here for inquiries of different resorts at Boracay).


It was actually the time when storm frequently visit the country so there were only few Manilenyos out there and our stay was rather cut short because we didn’t want to experience anymore delays since we already had one upon going there. The people we met were mostly Koreans, but there were also few Europeans, South Africans and Americans having a good time. The folks there were all nice and friendly. One thing I noticed though was that it’s so commercialized that it seemed you haven’t gone out of Manila. But nevertheless, this one is a terrific place you would want to come back again and again. I for one would certainly love to come back if ever there’s time and money, but this time for a longer period of stay with a perfect sunny weather.