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Karl Malone: The Mailman Delivers

When talking about power forwards, Karl Malone is one of the few players that comes in to my mind. He revolutionized the game of a power forward, a big guy who can run the floor and through the years has developed a great shooting touch from the outside, adding it up to his already great offensive arsenal.

He and fellow Hall of Famer teammate John Stockton were among my favorites in the game. Together, they became one of the best dynamic duos ever played epitomizing that point-guard-big man combo. And running this simple yet very effective, classic patented pick and roll plays, they made Utah become title contenders back in ’96-’98 NBA seasons.

Thus the phrase “Stockton to Malone”. As Stockton said, Karl made his passes look so good ’cause you can threw him the ball and he would catch it and delivered. Like Chicago’s tandem of Jordan-Pippen, they compliment each other. Karl would never made those easy points if not for John’s accurate passes, and on the other hand, John would never achieved the record of most assists if not for him making the shots.

And now being included in the Naismith Memorial Hall of Fame Class of 2010, together with Dennis Johnson, Scottie Pippen, and other most notable basketball heroes, I would say, the Mailman definitely delivers!

Watch Karl’s emotional Hall of Fame speech as it highlights the ceremony.