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Tats On My Mind

Tattoo experts showed off their skills at the recent tattoo convention held at Freedom Bar, Anonas, Q.C. last Aug. 14, 2010. A night long event, it’s my first time to be there so I was really surprised at how the venue was jampacked, with metalheads, goths and groupies mostly in black outfits filling in the place. Inside the venue were bands performing, probably heavy metal music and sharing the stage after performances were announcements of winners for each tat category. Didn’t went inside as it was totally crowded, and though I’m a big rock fan, not much into the metal scene, maybe because I’ve grown over with it so fast it ain’t got much appeal to me now. Meanwhile, people outside were going nuts at having their bodies get tats. Even saw a girl just had her whole back covered with it. Wow, that might have hurt! Asked myself, hey, what’s the reason? For fashion? For others to let know they’re “rockers”? To make a statement? Just don’t know why, hehehe..

As we explored the area, beer bottles were scattered around the floor, it was smokey, too hot and humid ’cause of the crowd, ahhh, it’s not the best place to hang out especially if you have asthma or allergic to smoke. Like in my case, can’t stand with too much smoke, but anyway, it was a thrill to witness these tat artists doing their craft best. You guys rock! m/