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Eerie Saturday Morning

It was 3 a.m., on an early Saturday, I was browsing the net before I went to sleep when suddenly I heard sounds of glass plates and spoons and forks and kitchen utensils. It was the sound as if someone’s preparing for a food, or eating his/her meal and then ready to wash it afterwards. It’s all clear to my ears, that’s the one I heard. At first I just ignored it and thought maybe it was from our neighbor, but at 3 a.m. who would wash the dishes at that time? Unless someone’s working on a different shift, but it can’t be our neighbor, ’cause they’re working on a usual morning shift and their house was lights off. So I thought maybe it was my cuz or bro ’cause the sound was coming from downstairs, at the kitchen. But checkin’ them out, they were all asleep, the rooms were closed and now I wondered who’s creating all those sounds, maybe it was these unseen folks doing it. Well I’m not scaring the hell out of you but it has been that way ever since,  I remembered hearing these kind of sounds late night when I was a kid, even hearing some washing machine running and sometimes radio playing and people talking like there’s a party or gathering and all these stuffs.


So just to make sure, I went downstairs but I stayed first at the stairs for a while to get the feel of things. I heard nothing already but suddenly got goosebumps upon staying on that area, felt cold on my back, it’s as if a strong presence was out there, at the dining table going to the kitchen. So even though I was kinda scared hehe, I went towards the kitchen area to checked that one out ’cause I was about to go to the bathroom anyway to take a pee and when I opened the door, I saw no one. Just an illusion? I don’t think so ’cause I was still alive and kickin’ and totally wide awake. Thinkin’ about it, it has come to my conclusion that it was indeed from these unseen folks.