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Konsyerto: A Musical Celebration of Independence

Last month, a special one night show was staged at the Shangrila Mall to celebrate the Independence Day in the Philippines. The show featured independent artists that include world music/soul/fusion band Escape the C, singer/songwriter/training coach Jeff Pagaduan, and multi-award winning arranger/composer Diwa de Leon.

Although this is kind of late post (well that’s because I was too busy from work), the experience was astounding. It was my first time to play at the venue and it went well.

The event was a success, drawing the crowd to a different type of music that featured songs which are not your typical poppish tunes you hear mostly on local fm stations nowadays, nevertheless still soothes to your ears. It’s like introducing them to this kind of genre which is not given much attention by the general public.

jeff pagaduan

photo by Leonor de Leon

Opening up the stage was Jeff Pagaduan who played mostly his original compositions via his alternate-tuned classical guitar and did ala-Andy Mckee style of percussive guitar techniques while singing!

Joining him onstage for a couple of songs were percussionist/instrument restorator JP “The texturizer” Hernandez and yours truly on second guitar. It was a fun impromptu jam and felt great to pull his songs off.

Check out Jeff’s music on his Soundcloud.

diwa de leon

photo by Leonor de Leon

Following Jeff was another splendid performance by Diwa de Leon, who let the audience re-introduce the two-string instrument called Hegalong (popularized also by Joey Ayala way back) and showed how it can be played on various arrangements. Performing his tracks on his albums, he did the remarkable task of playing it on different genre like rock, dance electronica, and more.

Diwa’s albums are available via CDBaby.

escape the c

photo by Leonor de Leon

Closing the night was Escape the C, the band that I played with which are composed of talented artists/musicians that include Zab Reyes, Frances Escape (also with Humanfolk), Ony Martinez, Kate Villaflor, Dawani de Leon and Sean Fortunato. The group played a full set of original songs both from the released EP and some soon-to-be-released tracks.

You can check out the band’s music via its Soundcloud page.

Here’s a snippet from that event featuring Escape the C’s single “Caution”. Thanks to Porshey23 for sharing the vid. 🙂