KJ, A New Collaboration Band Featuring Kuya Kurt and Jyel

Illustration by: singer-songwriter Jong Sumangil

A new collaborative project has emerged in the independent/underground scene here in Manila that features two of the most prominent advocates of independent music, Kuya Kurt (Sigwada Experiment) and Jyel (Sensitivo).

Simply called as KJ, they started out with fun jams during sets of each group and in drinking sessions and after those sessions, they’re now a band!

The group is fronted by the two and features a cast of other musicians from the scene – Chitols Asprec (Sigwada Experiment) on bass, Glenn Mapue (Mushroom and Mint) on guitars, yours truly also on guitars and Rod Jaropay (Mushroom) on drums. The band is a mix of Sensitivo, Sigwada Experiment and Mushroom. Check out their music as well.

Lots of “wasakenrol” will be heard and witnessed definitely and they’re set to deliver their brand of music to the public and bring the house down.

The band plays the songs impromptu and unrehearsed since each member have their own busy schedules so what you hear/see is what you get.

Here’s the debut performance of the group at Conspiracy Garden Cafe, an original song titled “Rakrakan sa Langit” (Rock n’Roll in Heaven).


Of Work and Other Activities

Time flies fast that I didn’t notice we’re in the start of second half of the year. Wow, it’s already July and schedule has become tighter from work. This only means one thing, playing gigs would be an occasional thing may be, (hopefully not hehe) but will definitely squeeze in the recording sessions for other artists if time permits. Getting busier these days that I neglected other stuffs that I usually do, one is work out regimen (already experiencing some health issues because of stress and other factors) and the other posting blogs here.

Anyway, I’ve made something productive in those days that I’m not blogging. Of course my day job has always eaten up most of my time but fortunately I was able to record tracks from my other band, Sigwada Experiment, which is making its second album, contributing ukulele and guitar parts to the upcoming album of Half Life Half Elf (composed of singer Alfie Mella of Half Life Half Death, one of the pioneers of the New Wave scene here in the Philippines), arranging and layering guitar and synth tracks for a still unnamed soon-to-release new wave project, collaboration with Canada-based Bipoy DelaCruz aka Icebox, providing additional rhythm and solo guitar tracks to a song by Ram Chavez, known for joining the first season of GMA Networks’ Pinoy Idol and creating some music beds for a tv show on a local network. Also played some special shows with friends from other groups, so blessings are coming my way which I’m very grateful. Looking forward to more collaborations.

Sigwada Experiment

Podcast: Sigwada Experiment on Tambayan 101.9

Sigwada Experiment, one of the groups I play in, had guested on a well-known local pop radio fm station, Tambayan 101.9 last February. Performances by the band included both cover and original songs.


The show, Break Mo ‘To, is hosted by dj Martin D which gives ample exposure to up coming music groups.


Here’s a recorded podcast (not full) of the episode:


Sigwada Experiment @ Tambayan 101.9 part 1

[audio:|titles=Sigwada Experiment @ Tambayan 101.9 part 1]


Sigwada Experiment @ Tambayan 101.9 part 2

[audio:|titles=Sigwada Experiment @ Tambayan 101.9 part 2]


Sigwada Experiment @ Tambayan 101.9 part 3

[audio:|titles=Sigwada Experiment @ Tambayan 101.9 part 3]


Many thanks to the DJs of the station for giving the group the opportunity to perform live and letting the song “Delayed” played. We definitely had a great time.

PCPark Japan Sigwada Experiment

Sigwada Experiment Live Demo @ PCPark Japan

Sigwada Experiment, one of the bands I’ve got to play with, did a live demo at PCPark Japan. All instruments courtesy of PCPark.


Sigwada Experiment

Sigwada Experiment Off To Record New Materials

Sigwada Experiment is in the process of recording their new materials. Album will be out soon. I’ll keep you guys posted with this one. Wasakenrol!