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Scottie Pippen To Get A Commemorative Statue In Chicago

After being named to basketball’s Hall of Fame this year, Scottie Pippen gets another honor. This time he’ll be getting a well deserved statue in Chicago’s United Center similar to that of Michael Jordan. Wow, can’t wait to see it done. It will be so cool to see His Airness’s statue alongside Scottie’s at United Center. Wonder what’s it going to be like.

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Scottie Pippen : From Virtually Unknown 1st Rd. Draftee To Hall Of Famer

The best all around team player is now a Hall of Famer! Scottie Pippen becomes a member of the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame’s Class of 2010, to be inducted Aug. 13 in Springfield, Mass.  Known as Jordan’s quintessential sidekick, the versatile “point-forward” earned his spot through sheer hard work. From a complete unknown draftee to one of the 50 Greatest NBA Players, he has become synonymous with greatness. Now, when people say “Scottie Pippen” in basketball or in any other team sports, most probably fans know exactly what they mean. You’re looking at a team player who can do it all and is a perfect compliment to your star player.

Scottie’s my favorite player in Chicago, well of course when you’re talkin’ about the Bulls you refer to His Airness. I think it’s automatic already that if you’re a Chicago Bulls fan, most probably you’re a number one Jordan fanatic . Who doesn’t? Jordan’s the greatest basketball player of all time! It’s just that for me, Michael’s so great he’s an exemption.

He is the guy who does all these hussle plays, going for the looseballs, rebounding, getting the charge, blocking shots.. Mostly plays not so noticeable thus giving Jordan the breather. It’s like Jordan will do all the scoring and Pip’s doing all these dirty works.

I don’t think Michael Jordan will win a championship without a Scottie Pippen, and vice versa. And I highly believe that if Michael got him during his return stint at Washington that time, hands down they would be in the play-offs!

Scottie can dominate the game even without scoring! That’s how good he is, and that’s why teams are looking for a player in his caliber, even up to now. Lebron didn’t win any because he “doesn’t have his Scottie” in Cleveland. Now he’s going for Miami in search for that elusive ring with his all star buddies. But he must change his game to a Pippen since the Heat is Dwayne’s team. Well as for Kobe, he has bunch of superstars with him, first with the most dominating player in Shaq as the main guy, and now in Gasol, MVP of the last World Basketball Championships, all-star and former national team members Odom, Artest, etc..

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Triangle Offense.

The Triumvirate of coach Phil Jackson, Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen gave Chicago its 2 three-peat championships!

The Original Dream Team coached by Chuck Daly that captured the ’92 Olympic Gold Medal. The team, because of its star studded line-up had the opposing teams asking for pre-game photos and autographs. They dominated the tournament defeating their opponents by an average of 43 points.


The ’95-’96 Bull’s Roster that captured the NBA record for most wins in regular season and eventually winning the championship