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SLPDA March/April Sessions

Summer is here again and a good way to spend this season for your kids is to let them expose in sports. Perhaps you could enroll them at Samboy Lim’s Player Development Academy and let them learn the basics up to advanced techniques on how to play basketball. Who knows, they could be the next basketball heroes the Philippines is waiting for.


Training for the March sessions starts on March 25, 2012 and regular training sessions will start on April 15, 2012. You may still register at 5317554 or 0916 6989489. Thank you!


Samboy Lim SLPDA

Samboy Lim

Samboy Lim Personalized Basketball Training

Let your kids expose in sports!



Samboy Lim SLPDA

Samboy Lim’s Player Development Academy This August 2011

samboy lim player development academy


If you’ve missed last summer’s camp of Samboy Lim’s Player Development Academy, there will be another one this coming August. Known as the Skywalker for his high leaping, Dr. J-esque/Jordanesque, acrobatic and daredevil moves and also as the Dragon for his never say die attitude, playing 110% even coming off from a major injury, Samboy Lim is one of the 25 Greatest Players in the PBA and a basketball Hall of Famer in the Philippines. So if you want to become the best basketball player in the land, register now and join the SLPDA. For more infos you may call these numbers 531-7554 or 0916-6989489. Limited slots only so enroll now. 🙂



Samboy Lim Player Development Academy, Training Starts This April

This Summer let your kids learn the secrets of how to be a good basketball player. Be part of the number one basketball clinic in the country. Enroll them at the Samboy Lim Player Academy!


In depth and extensive training to be conducted by the one and only Skywalker of Philippine Basketball Association, Samboy Lim.


Training starts this coming APRIL 10, 2011. For details, call the SLPDA office at 531-7554 or 0916-6989-489.


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Join Samboy Lim’s Basketball Camp And Be The Next Big Thing In Philippine B-ball!

Known as “The Skywalker” and “The Dragon” in Philippine Basketball, Avelino Samboy Lim is one of the best local players ever produced. Part of the team that won the Jones Cup and ABC tournament, he was the first Pinoy to be included in the Mythical Five Selection in the 1990 Asian Games wherein they finished silver medal behind the much taller but then emerging powerhouse China. He’s also part of the 25 Greatest PBA players and a Hall of Famer in Philippine Basketball.

The Michael Jordan of RP basketball, or should I say the MJ of Asia, as the former was an understatement to my opinion, his brand of never say die, daredevil, skywalking style of play, has gained respect from Asian counterparts, as well as the taller and heftier Europeans and Americans when they played against them at the World Basketball Championships. Together with Allan “Triggerman” Caidic, they were the 1-2 punch of RP team. Everytime the opponent saw numbers 8 and 9 on court, they smell trouble so they better guard those two well and double them up.

Though hampered by injuries every season, he had always played 101% whenever he suited up right after his injuries were healed. Thus whenever he entered the game, everyone’s cheering him, even the fans of the opposing squad. Could have gotten multiple MVP’s if not for those injury plagued seasons, but nevertheless he had helped his team won championships after championships, even carrying the team won its first ever Grand Slam in ’89.

Showing the kids of today, he topscored on his team the last time there was a PBA Legends game wherein he played. A shootout between his buddy and fellow “Jacobs’ Boys” and SMB teammate Caidic were the highlights, with the Triggerman winning the MVP plum after they won that game.

Now, he has put up a basketball clinic that will pass the torch to younger generations. Aim to develop the youth’s untapped talents, the clinic will teach you the basics, the know hows and learn the secrets of the Skywalker’s game!


Join his camp and be the next big thing in Philippine Basketball! Next session starts on October 2010.