Anizone Cosplay event

AniZone Cosplayers At SMX, Mall Of Asia

The cosplay during the Graphic Expo at SMX, Mall Of Asia was so cool. Cosplayers from Anizone, which is a community of Anime enthusiasts, did a great job, showing off their fabulous costumes representing different characters from Marvel heroes to Japanese animated characters. The details were very good and well-prepared.


I’m not familiar with some of the characters though, but I was floored when I saw an Iron Man character – the costume took about two months of preparation, and even Optimus Prime who according to the player in an interview with the host, took him to do the Autobot leader costume for a year and would take two hours in wearing it. I just wish he did a little more time on the details so he can transform and roll out! hehe, ala Japanese cosplayers who are able to do both. The one who did a Mystique impression was also good, she’s almost barenaked, only covered with body paint. The cute little girl did a Sailor Moon and another kid donned a Gundam character if I’m not mistaken. There’s also one who played a Naruto character, a Tekken character, and others.