Ryuga Uchida

Ryuga Uchida, Phenom Kid Drummer From Japan

Are these kids human?! That’s a question that ran in my head after seeing a vid posted by a friend from his Facebook about this kid from Japan showing off his awesome drumming skills. So here’s another Asian super kid invading the net.


Youtube has always been the perfect place to discover talented kids around the globe and 10 year old Ryuga Uchida is one of them. I stumbled from my seat after watching some of his vids. At that age, he can “really play” and is very capable of beating the hell out with some of the drummers out there.


I don’t wanna play drums!!!!!


Watch these vids as he shows us how prolific he is on the drum set. He seems to do it effortlessly. I’m still in awe!


His drum solo. He’s got a very fast hands already but watch his feet move!



Playing the drum solo off a Chick Corea song.


Here’s one from a Dave Weckl piece.



Playing off with these jazz tracks probably made him so bored with Lady Gaga’s Poker Face that he did an awesome drum solo on it.