Worship Musicians Day.. Glorifying God Through Music

Earlier was another learning experience for me when it comes to playing music. I’ve checked out the Worship Musicians Day sponsored by the Music Source held at The Royale Place beside Ever Gotesco Mall in Commonwealth Avenue, Quezon City and the band did a fantastic jam that lifted my soul up high. The band was composed of seasoned session players : Franklin Benitez on drums, Otep Concepcion on drums, Bong Gonzales on bass, Rommel Dela Cruz on bass, Janno Queyquep on guitar, Ardie De Guzman on guitar.


It’s a Christian event, and although I’m a Catholic, I guess it’s not a big deal, hey we only have one God, same Bible, same belief and faith. As long as it’s for God, we’re on the same page, and besides I have so many Christian friends too. 🙂


Back on the clinic, the band showed a perfect example of how a band should play, intact and tight playing, simple posts and only showing off those monstrous licks only if needed in a song, or if it’s a straight out jam with each giving a spot to shine. This is one aspect that every musician here should learn and kids watching the said clinic should pick that up. It’s not about you, it’s all about God, so even if you play it simple and straight, God will be happy.


Captured a vid clip with the band playing (sorry if the vid has low quality and was cut short, it’s only been shot through my not-so upgraded phone).


First to do solo on bass was Bong Gonzales who did an awesome bassline slapping licks, then followed by Rommel dela Cruz with his simple groove posts and runs on the fretboard then by drummers Otep Concepcion and Franklin Benitez who both did some heart-pounding beats. Janno Queyquep (if you’ve read my About page on how I started playing guitar, well he’s that friend of mine who influenced me to pick up the instrument) followed with his fast jazzy feel solos ala Frank Gambale then next was Ardie De Guzman with his Eric Johnson-like guitar tone.