Hanging Out @ Roadhouse

If you’re looking for a hang out spot to chill, watch awesome blues and blues/rock musicians and happens to be around the metro, one place to visit is The Roadhouse at Manila Bay. Located at SM by the Bay, Mall Of Asia, Pasay City, Philippines, it is the home of blues, bikes, rock and booze […]

Foo Fighters’ Wasting Light

Still had a hangover with this live performance I saw by the Foo Fighters at their Youtube channel. Performing songs from their latest album, Wasting Light, they did the catalogue straight and clean. I really dig their guitar tones. Awesome sound! Truly one of the great bands around! Nice to see Pat Smear playing guitars […]

Rascal Kids Rockin’ The House Down, Grunge Style

This is what happens when the rascal kids get to hang out and want to be rockstars. Total riot!!! It has become an instant jam with these kids, all of whom are nephews and niece, and for no reason intended, has done an instant song. With the rare performance captured on vid, it reminds me […]

Big, Bigger, Biggest.. Mr. Big Live in Manila!

Mr. Big rocks!!! While kids were present at MOA for Justin Bieber’s concert and went Bieber hunting, their parents went to the Big Dome to witness one of rock’s great acts, Mr. Big.   This is the 2nd time they toured Manila if I’m not mistaken and finally I get to see one of my […]