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Playboy Philippines’ Rock the Rabbit 2011

Ok so here’s something to lighten us up at these sad news about artists who have passed away recently. Just attended this event with friends which I think guys would be happier to see. It was the Rock the Rabbit event which Playboy Philippines has launched last September 30, 2011. It was a benefit show that was part-concert and part-fashion show. Featuring awesome performances from rock legends Joey “Pepe” Smith of the famed Juan Dela Cruz Band and Maria Cafra, Brit-influenced band The Camerawalls, Bloomfields, Typecast and other upcoming groups, the artists showcased different types of rock genre. The highlight of the event, of course, was the much awaited fashion show. It featured some of the pretty models who have been on the covers of the magazine. The models walked the runway to the delight of all those men inside the venue, showing off some skin to make the night hotter. The end of the show coincided with the start of Octoberfest which happens every year. For those guys who have missed it, here are some snippets of the show.


Beep! Beep! live performance by Joey “Pepe” Smith



The Runway Models