Rascal Kids Rockin’ The House Down, Grunge Style

This is what happens when the rascal kids get to hang out and want to be rockstars. Total riot!!! It has become an instant jam with these kids, all of whom are nephews and niece, and for no reason intended, has done an instant song. With the rare performance captured on vid, it reminds me the good ol’ grunge days back in the 90’s ala Nirvana and early Pearl Jam where everyone was jumping and stage diving.


On the making of the song, Lance had these words uttering in his mouth, so I told him to keep on saying it over and over and I would be doing an on-the-spot music for it.┬áHe’s game with it so the rest as you may call it was history.



Lyrics by Lawrence Chavez
Music by Marvin Bea
Performed by The Tres Kulets feat. Marvin Bea on guitar

Tres Kulets are : Lawrence Chavez, Gian Chavez and Paolo Gaudiano
2011 Marv’s Room Music. All Rights Reserved.