R.I.P. to Actor Robin Williams and Music Producer Rick Parashar

The month of August was a sad month to the entertainment and music biz. First was actor/comedian Robin Williams, who died last August 11 by committing suicide that shocked the industry and to his fans. News spread quickly and has trended in the online community worldwide. If you haven’t read the full story, here’s a report from Hollywood Reporter.

Another person who passed away was music producer Rick Parashar. Although his death did not trend the way Williams had, his death was a great loss to the music circle. His works on many albums became influential to many and had sold millions of records globally. Among those artists he produced were Pearl Jam’s Ten, self-titled album of Blind Melon, Temple of the Dog (project band of Soundgarden and Pearl Jam members), Alice in Chains’ Sap – albums that have shaped up the course of music in the 90’s., Melissa Etheridge’s Lucky, Bon Jovi’s Have a Nice Day and more. News of his death was posted in Billboard.

Williams and Parashar’s contributions made big impact to our pop culture and they will be sorely missed.