What’s With The Red?

Just this afternoon, my one year old nephew was about to put to sleep by his mom and he just kept on saying “lola” and seemed to want to go to her room. So they went to our living room and put him to sleep there. Saw him, and he’s quite sad, as if he knew what was going on. His eyes were already sleepy, and was yawning but he just seemed to control it, that he’s still awake no matter what his mom did.

Our aunt had just died a couple of hours ago, so maybe he was seeing her from a close distance, or maybe she just couldn’t leave him yet that she was there somewhere, I don’t know. . My cousin suggested that he should wore a red shirt or if not, have him covered with a red blanket, that’s according to superstitious beliefs from the elders. As soon as he had this red shirt worn, he fell asleep quickly, smooth and sound. With that incident, it puzzles me, what’s with the color red? Elders say it’s for protection, but why that color instead of white or blue or green or yellow..