Brendan Power

Brendan Power Harmonica Tour

U.K.-based harmonica player Brendan Power visited the Philippines for his harmonica tour workshop last December 6. The venue in his Manila leg was 70s Bistro in Quezon City. Together with Tom Colvin of Lampano Alley, they did the workshop-concert. They demonstrated how to play the basics with Suzuki harmonica their weapon of choice. That brand really is a beast, had a couple of those and they sounded so good, a great buy!


Power was accompanied by talented young Pinoy musicians with Kakoy Legaspi playing on guitars. Kakoy’s playing was great as ever, his style showing a lot of maturity and having that pedal which would sound his guitar into keys, sax and other instruments, it was one helluva jam night. Fronting the evening was the younger guys of Bleu Rascals who played mostly Stevie Ray Vaughan’s classics.


It was an evening of blues, with afficionados present at the venue. Power with Colvin and Ronnie Badilla joined the band for the night’s momentous jam and it was very uplifting.



Eyepose Studio La Mesa Ecopark photography

Pre-Nup Shoot At La Mesa Ecopark

When we had this treck at Ecopark, I mentioned there that I would be posting the pics from our shoot soon. Well here they are, on video format.


This is the pre-nuptial of Tash and Jon who are both based in the United States. I think it’s the first time that Jon visited the Philippines, hope he finds the country good. About the shoot, it went well and the weather was perfect.


Best wishes to the lovely couple, Tash and Jon! 🙂


Video coutersy of Eyepose Studio.



Photography : Mark Cortez
Models : Tash and Jon
Lightsmen : Jonnel Lacaba, Joey Salgado, Marvin Bea


Asbestos Kills.. The Grafitti Painting

Was at the Bazaar Love Triangle at Timog, Quezon City besides GMA7 on Saturday and this was what I witnessed inside. A grafitti painting featuring young artists. The theme was about asbestos.


grafitti painting 1
grafitti painting 2
grafitti painting 3
grafitti painting 4


grafitti painting 5

La Mesa Ecopark travel

Travel Time : The Ecopark Treck

I have  been going to Fairview, Novaliches for quite a long time to visit some friends and it’s only now that I’ve figured out where La Mesa dam is. I didn’t know that it was located there and the much been publicized Ecopark. Whew, that place was so huge. Now I understand why it has been well hyped and why most people around the Metro prefer to go there.


It was my first to visit this place, and the security was tight. The park has full of greens, lots of trees and grass and flowers blooming – thanks to the Bantay Kalikasan Project of ABS-CBN Foundation, there’s a swimming pool, horseback riding, food stalls and other recreational activities.


Meanwhile me and my friends were preparing for this pre-nup photo shoot and had started to explore inside, scouting for a perfect view. Had a pretty nice treck out there and noticed the place was filled with people having their shoots too.


Though we hadn’t explored the whole area as we were busy for our own shoot, it was a nice place at Quezon City, a perfect alternative if you want to relax, find solace and peace or have your friends go for a hike or bike or just have a family bonding or some team building activity. Two thumbs up!

Watch out for the photos of the pre-nup pictorial that we’ve shot. I’ll be posting it here soon..