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Anawangin Cove

Summertime once again and it’s the perfect time to go to the beach. One of the great places to go here in the Philippines is Anawangin Cove, which is found in Zambales. This remote island has pristine white sand and what’s odd on this place is that it has tall pine trees around. Going to Anawangin, you will have to get by Pundaquit, San Antonio first, then from there, you will have to ride a boat for about 30 minutes to reach the cove.


Lost in the Woods of Anawangin

photos by Keith Frias except for Lost in the Woods of Anawangin by Marvin Bea


Been there before and saw how isolated it was. Peaceful and quite. According to my officemate, back then it was so remote that it’s scary come night time since it’s pitch black and there were no other campers around. The time when we went there, around 2008, mountaineers, photography hobbyists already camp on the site, so it’s not that scary anymore, but yes, it’s pitch black at night so you have to bring yourself a flashlight. Thanks to the moon as it served as the main light that night, it was full then, so the place wasn’t too dark. I wonder how it looks like now since it’s been 3 years already.


photos by Keith Frias


It was a memorable experience for me as I almost fell off the high cliff when we had a stop over at Capones Island. I slipped as I was on my way to the other side, and thank God I didn’t went all the way down, since there were big rocks waiting. It would have been a total disaster if that happened. And on the afternoon, another memorable experience happened, this time, assisting on someone who helped his girl friend getting drowned. I can’t swim so I just did whatever I could to assist the guy saving the girl. Felt relieved after that.


Black and WhiteSail BoatStanding Before GodTentsUpclimbCapones OverviewMiles ApartOn TrailPundakit SunsetAnawangin BeachPine TreeOff We Go

photos by Keith Frias and Marvin Bea


All in all, it was a great outing – camping, swimming, trecking, island hopping, landscape photo shoots rolled into one.


White SandReaching the TopPushStarsDancing SunEery Lake

photos by Keith Frias and Marvin Bea