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R.I.P. To Guitarist And IT Activist Manny Amador

Just found out a sad news from a friend’s post about the death of Manny Amador. For those who don’t know, he was the guitarist of the 90’s rock band The Breed – the band who composed the hit song Black Mercedes Benz, the brother of actress Pinky Amador and an IT activist. According to reports, he died on his sleep due to cardiac arrest. He was found dead in his rented house in Cebu by authorities.


As a music fan, specifically rock music, Manny Amador is one of those Filipino guitar players I’ve listened to during that era, still remembered those nice licks, fast picking hand and those nice vibrato effects on his guitar even if it has no tremolo bar. Got amazed with his vibrato effect style that I tried to imitate it using my telecaster, which I was able to pull off in some occasion but unfortunately for the most part, to no avail, nyak. His style of play will always be a big part on my playing.


Another great guitarist is gone. May you rest in peace. Rock On sir!


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Here’s one for the road! A video of their acoustic version of Black Mercedes Benz.