My Vid Pick of The Week : 8 Year Old Leana Singing Jessie J’s Price Tag

Another Youtube sensation is on the rise – 8 year old Leana. Remember the Fil-foreigner kid Maria Aragon who made Lady Gaga go gaga over her rendition of her song, well, she’s like her, the difference is she’s a homegrown talent while Maria grew up in Canada if I’m not mistaken and is a bit younger. I’ve checked some of her vids and wow I can tell she’s got it. At age five singing Chaka Khan, this kid has deep roots. Very impressive.


This is the vid of her singing “Price Tag”. My vid pick of the week.



Awesome kid and like Maria, she’s made big waves from her vids at Youtube that she’s guested already on Kris’s show and on a radio program at Magic 89.9. She’s now signed up under GMA records, a part of GMA Networks which is one of the biggest and popular networks in the country. That means you’ll be seeing her on the network’s weekly variety/mini-concert show Party Pilipinas alongside other great talents and more TV guestings for sure.


Guess I was a bit late on the news with this one ’cause I didn’t know that her vids at Youtube have gained so much buzz. Only now hehe. She is by the way the niece of Crude Oz and Date with Fate drummer who is a friend/bandmate so I’ve met her before and even had a chance to work with her during our music video shoot for the song “Taguan” written by her tito and performed by Crude Oz wherein she played one of the main characters.

Here’s the vid of Taguan.



Talking like a talent scout, I believe this kid will go a long way. And this is a fact. Whenever I see or hear that’s good in my taste, there’s a very big possibility it will hit the top, be it a song, a person, or anything. I think I’m better of being a scout rather than an artist. She has the looks and definitely has that great voice. And what I like about this kid is that she keeps on getting better and that shy look of hers, wherein she’s not arrogant about her talent but when she starts to sing, you’ll be stunned by her amazing voice. ‘Cause I’ve seen some kids who at their age are already too cocky and in my opinion, if a kid is like that, it would be a problem when he/she grows up ’cause he/she will be cockier and will have that star complex mentality and people will have a hard time dealing with them.


Keep it up and congrats.

Ryuga Uchida

Ryuga Uchida, Phenom Kid Drummer From Japan

Are these kids human?! That’s a question that ran in my head after seeing a vid posted by a friend from his Facebook about this kid from Japan showing off his awesome drumming skills. So here’s another Asian super kid invading the net.


Youtube has always been the perfect place to discover talented kids around the globe and 10 year old Ryuga Uchida is one of them. I stumbled from my seat after watching some of his vids. At that age, he can “really play” and is very capable of beating the hell out with some of the drummers out there.


I don’t wanna play drums!!!!!


Watch these vids as he shows us how prolific he is on the drum set. He seems to do it effortlessly. I’m still in awe!


His drum solo. He’s got a very fast hands already but watch his feet move!



Playing the drum solo off a Chick Corea song.


Here’s one from a Dave Weckl piece.



Playing off with these jazz tracks probably made him so bored with Lady Gaga’s Poker Face that he did an awesome drum solo on it.