Crude Oz event music

Crude Oz – Straight Jacket

Checkin’ out the date, July 25, 2010, got me reminisce the launch of Crude Oz’s debut album Straight Jacket last July 24, 2009. It’s been a year since, but the thrill hasn’t gone away. Oh how time certainly flies so fast. The gig was awesome, featuring great independent bands playing before us. The place was full packed.¬† And everyone’s rockin’ out!

The Haneps

Ophelia’s High


Third Time Charm


Dodjie on guest lead guitar

With jazz singer/songwriter Janine Liao on keys

The Protagonists
Photos by Paolo Vivas

Crude Oz is one of the many bands I played in. I joined the band in 2009 and it’s been great playing along with such talented musicians.

Playing alternative¬† pop/rock music, the album was released independently and contains 12 original tracks. Songs from the album garnered radio airplays with its first single Straight Jacket, under the same title of the album, debuting at number two spot at UR105.9’s weekly countdown and peaking at number one for 5 weeks. Another song, Delusion got into the year-end countdown of the station, hitting it at 4th spot in one of the categories.

Quitting You, the most requested and favorite song by the people who have heard the album, did well on the weekly countdown as well. The song is just too catchy that you can’t help not to like it. Makes you have this LSS (Last Song Syndrome) thing. I think this is one of those songs that you can lay down different arrangements and will still be sounding good. And it’s not a love song according to Deo, the chief songwriter and vox of the band, it’s about quitting on smoking.

Prior to the release of the album songs such as Invisible Chains and Nasaan Ka became number one at NU107’s In the Raw Standout Track in 2008.

The band got nominated for the In The Raw Artist Of The Year category at 2009 NU Rock Awards. Eventually we lost hehehe, but heck, the experience of being there was fantastic!

With Sir Mike Pedero

With guitarist/dj Francis “Brew” Reyes

With drummer JB Leonor

With Jugs Jugueta of the band Itchyworms

With celeb Maxene Magalona

With drummer Robert Dela Cruz.. hey Crude Oz was complete after all during that event hehehe.. He looks like Lenin m/

With Kamikazee frontman Jay Contreras

The host of the show, Ramon Bautista with Iza Calzado

Fast forward and back to present, the band’s currently planning to record new stuffs for its new release.