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Half Man Half Elf Releases “Buhay Karnabal”

haLf man haLf eLf, the Canadian-based band fronted by Alfie Vera Mella (Half Life Half Death, one of the pioneer new wave bands in the Philippines) has released a new track “Buhay-Karnabal” (Carnival Life) for their upcoming album that also featured appearances from different artists both in the independent and mainstream scene.

Some members of the group visited the country last time and during their stay, they have recorded materials at Nolit’s Studios with the help of music friends.

For this particular song, A.V. Mella (vocal parts, bellkit, orchestration, conductor) had the following contributors: Canadian Christine Mazur on violin, Polet Patawaran on guitar, Gremar Bernil on bass and six-string guitar, Zandro Sotto (Komiks Tale) on drums,
Joan Bonito (Komiks Tale) on backup female vocals, Gary Ignacio (Alamid/The Saintstreets) on additional male vocals and myself on dobro guitar – it was an honor to be part of this record and on the whole project.

“Buhay-Karnabal” has crossed different genres aside from the band’s new wave roots, a diverse music worth listening.

You can check out the lyrics and other info via


New Collaboration Music Rlease: In A World Of Never Ending by Beato

Date with Fate duo Wendell Quinto and I have formed a project band named Beato (pronounced as be’ya’to) and we have released a new collaboration music “In A World Of Never Ending”.

The previously unreleased track, a new wave 80’s inspired music, was written by Wendell way back with his former group and was rearranged and recorded at Nolit’s studio during the Date with Fate project. It was one of the songs that were originally planned to be on the Control album but was later on cut in the final production. While the earlier recorded version I did with the guitar parts were ‘overdriven-dirt’, the re-recorded parts I’ve done here have more subtle feel, focusing on the acoustic side and clean vibe. You can hear the latest version below.

Beato reintroduce the classic new wave to the kids of today as well as bring nostalgia to the people who grew up listening to those kind of stuffs. The genre of the group is not limited to the 80s old school though, as they’ve mixed it up with present influences of alternative, indie pop and electronica.

“In A World Of Never Ending” will also be part of Indiepinoy’s typhoon Haiyan compilation album Bangon Pilipinas on its later volumes so do watch out for this :). Proceeds of these albums will be donated to the victims.

Listen to the song.

Date With Fate music

Date with Fate Releases “Control” Album

Date with Fate, a side project of half of Crude Oz – Wendell Quinto (drums) and I (guitar), has released their debut album titled “Control”.

Initially, we aim to collaborate with other artists and play other genres outside what they usually play, but as songs were written down and been recorded by the duo, playing live would be difficult (I laid down multiple guitars on a single song) so we get to form the band.

For this group, the influences are on the new wave and indie pop scene, so the songs were basically created on those genres.

All songs were written by Wendell Quinto and I. The album is produced by Date with Fate and co-produced by Indiepinoy. Recorded and mixed by Nolit Abanilla at Nolit’s Studio.

Listen to the songs via the group’s Soundcloud Page.


New Wave Nostalgia with OMD Performing Live

New wave fanatics definitely had a great time watching OMD (Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark) live last March 12, 2012 at the Smart-Araneta coliseum. It’s a nostalgic Monday evening as the group performed their classic new wave hits. Suddenly I felt like it was 80’s all over again. 🙂


Watch some of the clips captured and shared by a fan near the stage.




China Crisis

China Crisis at Eastwood City

80’s new wave band China Crisis performed at Eastwood last January and the dynamic duo of vocalist/keyboardist Gary Daly and guitarist Eddie Lundon were still awesome. Backed up by a local band, they sang their old classics to the delight of many new wavers.


It was raining then but that didn’t stop the crowd from watching these two perform their hits and have a chillaxing evening. It was very nostalgic. After two decades, I finally seen them live, and it’s free!