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Dallas Mavericks Takes Game 6 At Miami, Wins The 2011 NBA Finals

BASIC FUNDAMENTALS. HEART. Many have forgotten these and have instead opted for those highlight reel plays that seem to make a player intimidating and unbeatable. The kind of plays you see on any console games and are very entertaining to watch. Alas, these kind of plays don’t win championships. You’ve seen it before during the World Basketball and Olympics, and you’ve seen it again here on the 2011 NBA Finals. Dallas Mavericks displayed yet another splendid performance, showing to us that basketball is won by team plays, and through the basics of the game and of course playing with heart not by those razzle dazzle, behind the back, crossover, alley-hoop moves, and individual kind of plays. Remember the Spurs’ back to basics kind of game? They’ve won many titles because of that brand of play.


The Mavs played it plain and simple all throughout, thanks to the veteran smarts of Jason Kidd and Dirk’s shooting in the end. Also defense had won it for them, and the Jet’s (Jason Terry) breakaway game. Even though Dirk may not found his rhythm at most parts of the game, the team carried him over, and had stepped up big time. It’s a total team effort. In the end the veterans prevailed over the younger and stronger Miami.


Miami seemed to lose its steam, and couldn’t find the “heat”. D-Wayde played his usual monster game, but Lebron, he was nowhere to be found. LBJ may be on the court but his presence was hardly felt. For the record, I was rooting for Miami in the series because I’m a fan of Lebron and I was waiting for him to explode and play his level 4 super saiyan, XBOX/PS3 mode, monster game, his A-game ’cause Wade’s already having his own A-game and when both played with same level, it’s a win-win for them but unfortunately it didn’t happen and only got disappointed with the stuffs he showed. It’s very un-Lebron kind of game I’ve seen. Here’s some of the things I’ve noticed, first, he trash talks a lot, but in the past games, and this one, from 1st-4th quarter, he was quiet, and only did a loud move one minute left, with Mavs having secured a good lead. Another was instead of driving it hard to the basket, he opted to shoot it on the outside, passed a lot even if the Mavs had checked it off already, resulting in a lot of turnovers. Well he could break down the defense anytime, and you know LBJ, he shoots a lot, but at the latter games, he was shy and seemed to be not his usual self. Did he choke? Hmm, that’s the big question mark. He has played in the finals before when he was with the Cavs, and has played a lot of play-off games but his games were not as horrible as this so I don’t think this factor made him play bad. If he choked, I’m pretty sure his game will be like his usual one – drive hard, score more baskets but at crunch time might miss the last second shots. Was he nervous? Could be, but still wondered why he’s not so aggressive like he used to. I think he played with less HEART. One of the key to win championships is to play with heart, and he just didn’t have one there. He should better go to the Philippines and have a lesson with Alvin Patrimonio, the Capt. Lionheart of local basketball, or at least have a session with the Brgy. Ginebra, a team in the PBA known for its never-say-die attitude of the game. That’s why D-Wade had impressed me so much, ’cause he showed a lot of heart in the series.


Anyway there’s another season for them and they can still reach the Finals, any given time, only the competition in the East division next season will be stiff.


As for Dallas, I’m happy for Kidd to win the trophy. Kidd is one of my favorite point guards in the NBA, and after 3 trips to the finals, he finally snatched one! Also to veterans like Dirk, Peja, Shawn, Terry, to their head coach Carlisle, and to their team owner who are also all thirsty to win one after a long wait in their careers.


Congratulations to the Dallas Mavericks, the 2011 NBA Champions and to Dirk Nowitzki for winning the 2011 Finals MVP!

Allan Caidic

Caidic Turned The NBA Legends Into True Believers!

Caidic 3 pts!“. If you’re a fan of the PBA in the late 80s and early to mid 90s, you probably heard this from the courtside announcer over and over again. At 47, Allan Caidic, known as the Triggerman, fired once more with accuracy from the outside. Playing with former NBA and PBA stars again on the 2010 NBA Asia Challenge, he exploded with 54 pts. in just, well, only 24 minutes of action, topscoring for his squad. He unloaded 14 treys, 3 less than his record of 17 triples. It was another scorching performance, that turned the NBA legends into true believers!


The legend of the much talked about myth of a feared number 8 shooter in Asian competions was actually true. And last year, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Dominique Wilkins witnessed this feared gunner thus gaining tremendous accolades from him, and now, the younger generation of legends in Glenn Rice, whom he beat in a special 3-point shooting contest, Garry Payton, Mitch Richmond and Chris Webber expereinced his outstanding 3 point barrage and were all praises to the man they called “Trigger”.


They haven’t seen an Asian player like him definitely. And if only Samboy Lim was able to play, then they’ll be seeing the Michael Jordan version of Asia!


With the Triggerman still in great shooting form, I think he can still play for the National Squad and shoot the lights out. There’s no other shooter in the Philippines as sharp as he is. Not even your James Yap or Hontiveros or those other guys. No offense, but these so-called “shooters” are just mere posers. They’re good players but not as good as number 8.


While they’ve showed some greatness in the PBA and in not much high international competitions like SEABA and SEAG, I haven’t seen their mark well in prestigious meets like the Asian Games or FIBA Men’s Qualifying tournament.


Still has to polish their guns though if they want to be like him, as inconsistency still remained in their brand of play. Having a good shooting night then followed by an aweful and mediocre performances in prestigious meets, I think you can’t afford to have those kind of games as every game is important. You don’t see that with the Triggerman who was always sharp and consistent, and when the game was on the line, he never choked and always carried the team to victory.


The Triggerman is the real deal! Once a pure shooter is always a shooter!


basketball Dream Team '92 sports

Dream Team Honored

The best team ever assembled by U.S. basketball, or should I say one of the best teams as what LB said in his speech at the Naismith Hall of Fame ceremony after Magic, “Dream Team” as what they were dubbed, has finally been inducted to the Naismith Hall of Fame together with the 1960 US team composed of basketball legends Oscar Robertson, Jerry West, etc.

The ’92 team was composed of NBA superstars playing for one goal, that was to win the coveted Olympic Gold. After not winning the Gold for the past international competitions, they were on a mission to deliver the goods, as officials finally declared professional players could now play at the Games.

Egos set aside, they showed that a bunch of superstars could be on a team together and played as a one intact unit. And they did. No prima donna styles, no superstar attitude, just pure teamwork. They exemplified what a team should be. Posting a winning average margin of 43 pts., they won the tournament’s Gold medal with authority.

It was headed by Hall of Famer coach Chuck Daly. The team roster was composed of Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Charles Barkley, Chris Mullin, Patrick Ewing, Karl Malone, John Stockton, David Robinson, Scottie Pippen, Clyde Drexler and college standout Christian Laettner.

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Karl Malone: The Mailman Delivers

When talking about power forwards, Karl Malone is one of the few players that comes in to my mind. He revolutionized the game of a power forward, a big guy who can run the floor and through the years has developed a great shooting touch from the outside, adding it up to his already great offensive arsenal.

He and fellow Hall of Famer teammate John Stockton were among my favorites in the game. Together, they became one of the best dynamic duos ever played epitomizing that point-guard-big man combo. And running this simple yet very effective, classic patented pick and roll plays, they made Utah become title contenders back in ’96-’98 NBA seasons.

Thus the phrase “Stockton to Malone”. As Stockton said, Karl made his passes look so good ’cause you can threw him the ball and he would catch it and delivered. Like Chicago’s tandem of Jordan-Pippen, they compliment each other. Karl would never made those easy points if not for John’s accurate passes, and on the other hand, John would never achieved the record of most assists if not for him making the shots.

And now being included in the Naismith Memorial Hall of Fame Class of 2010, together with Dennis Johnson, Scottie Pippen, and other most notable basketball heroes, I would say, the Mailman definitely delivers!

Watch Karl’s emotional Hall of Fame speech as it highlights the ceremony.

basketball Scottie Pippen sports

Scottie Pippen : From Virtually Unknown 1st Rd. Draftee To Hall Of Famer

The best all around team player is now a Hall of Famer! Scottie Pippen becomes a member of the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame’s Class of 2010, to be inducted Aug. 13 in Springfield, Mass.  Known as Jordan’s quintessential sidekick, the versatile “point-forward” earned his spot through sheer hard work. From a complete unknown draftee to one of the 50 Greatest NBA Players, he has become synonymous with greatness. Now, when people say “Scottie Pippen” in basketball or in any other team sports, most probably fans know exactly what they mean. You’re looking at a team player who can do it all and is a perfect compliment to your star player.

Scottie’s my favorite player in Chicago, well of course when you’re talkin’ about the Bulls you refer to His Airness. I think it’s automatic already that if you’re a Chicago Bulls fan, most probably you’re a number one Jordan fanatic . Who doesn’t? Jordan’s the greatest basketball player of all time! It’s just that for me, Michael’s so great he’s an exemption.

He is the guy who does all these hussle plays, going for the looseballs, rebounding, getting the charge, blocking shots.. Mostly plays not so noticeable thus giving Jordan the breather. It’s like Jordan will do all the scoring and Pip’s doing all these dirty works.

I don’t think Michael Jordan will win a championship without a Scottie Pippen, and vice versa. And I highly believe that if Michael got him during his return stint at Washington that time, hands down they would be in the play-offs!

Scottie can dominate the game even without scoring! That’s how good he is, and that’s why teams are looking for a player in his caliber, even up to now. Lebron didn’t win any because he “doesn’t have his Scottie” in Cleveland. Now he’s going for Miami in search for that elusive ring with his all star buddies. But he must change his game to a Pippen since the Heat is Dwayne’s team. Well as for Kobe, he has bunch of superstars with him, first with the most dominating player in Shaq as the main guy, and now in Gasol, MVP of the last World Basketball Championships, all-star and former national team members Odom, Artest, etc..

23 and 33

Triangle Offense.

The Triumvirate of coach Phil Jackson, Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen gave Chicago its 2 three-peat championships!

The Original Dream Team coached by Chuck Daly that captured the ’92 Olympic Gold Medal. The team, because of its star studded line-up had the opposing teams asking for pre-game photos and autographs. They dominated the tournament defeating their opponents by an average of 43 points.


The ’95-’96 Bull’s Roster that captured the NBA record for most wins in regular season and eventually winning the championship