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Bangon Pilipinas (The Yolanda Project) Volume 1

If you’re not aware of what’s happening around the globe, Philippines was struck with the strongest typhoon ever recorded in years. Called as “Haiyan” also known as “Yolanda” here, it made a huge storm surge that caused thousands of lives and destroyed establishments in its Southern region. It’s like a total wipe out if you would put it as what this image shows via The Telegraph‘s post here.

So in the wake of this horrendous catastrophe, Indiepinoy has put up an album compilation project that features various independent artists. Bangon Pilipinas (The Yolanda Project) Volume 1 is the first to be released that include Arko, Equilibrio, AcidRadio from Tacloban, Geek City Riot from Cebu, Iloveyouruby from Palawan, Kley, singer/songwriter Kuyakurt, Lion And The Scouts, Pack of Wolvz and Syato. Proceeds of the album will go to the victims of Haiyan.

It’s now available at