In Memory Of Andrea..To Our Beloved Departed

Death will come to all of us, but how and when, we certainly don’t know. Just this month alone, so many lives were lost, including our aunt who passed away just hours ago. She’s not just our aunt, as she has become our mom in a way when our real mother died right after I was born. She and her older sister, who died ten years ago, stood up to be our moms. They were the ones who took care of us when we were little, my brothers and cousins too until we grow old, so a big part of my character, of me being good to others, it’s mainly because of them. They taught us to do right.

Age has caught her up, and even got bedridden for her osteo arthritis so only time can tell when she’ll going to leave. We’ve anticipated and accepted the fact that anytime she’ll be gone. But it’s still a big surprise as it happened sooner. Three months from now, she’ll be celebrating her birthday.. So it’s just been sad that she too has bade adieu to us. As what Savoy Brown song said it, all we can do is cry..

She had lived her life to the fullest, so I want to thank her for everything.. May your soul rest in peace.. Say hello to heaven for us..


A Happy Birthday In Heaven

Happy Birthday to my mom.

May your soul rest in peace..