16th Graphic Expo @ SMX, Mall OF Asia

The 16th Graphic Expo 2011 is a three day event held at the SMX Convention Center, Mall Of Asia or otherwise known as MOA. Happened last June 16-18, 2011, the expo featured body painting photo sessions; a cosplay parade; workshops about photography, video editing, adobe; live bands performing onstage; an art exhibit; etc. Organized by Fiera de Manila, Inc., it’s also the 2nd photo-video expo. Booths of different big name printing companies and photography/video accessories were seen, showing off how powerful their products are.


Aside from these graphic booths, there’s also the music part – handled by independent company Indiepinoy and Lazer Music, which I think comes hand in hand with the event even though it seems quite odd having them in a graphic convention. You see, most musically inclined people are also into arts, photography, video and graphics, and vice versa. It’s a chain, they’re connected with one another, so having these groups in the event is a sure fire blast.


OT. Thanks to Myphone for providing Indiepinoy that big LCD tv, To X2M for the free cd of their album woohoo! To Lazer Music for lending me their very nice Samick Greg Bennett acoustic guitar when I did a last minute jam.



First day of the event was a body painting photoshoot, featuring a pretty model who was half-naked and taking shots from these lense men. Performing onstage that evening was the group Ten to Midnight (X2M) who also launched their album here. I got to jam with them again onstage, impromptu as always hehe and it was fun playing with these talented guys. Providing the gears was Lazer Music.

Second day featured the cosplayers from Anizone. Performance by the group Sigwada Experiment, which by the way is one of my many bands hehe. We did two sets.


The last day was a workshop about different aspects of photography. At the same time there’s a body paint photo shoot happening at the other end of the venue. Didn’t catch the whole workshop but learned a lot from the speakers. Performers on that evening were alternative band Ink Driven and a solo acoustic set by Rain Mayo. Could have joined in with them onstage for a jam, since I’ve done sessions with both, but opted to watched them play instead. Besides, I’ve performed for the past two days of the event and having one on the last leg might be too much I think.

There was also the Beatlemania exhibit by these hardcore Beatle aficionados/artists which I would say was one of the highlights.

All in all, the three day convention was a success. Kudos to everyone. 🙂

GBOB music

GBOB 2011 NCR Semi-Final Round

The recently concluded semi-final round of GBOB 2011 for NCR was a success. 15 bands competing, only 5 winners.


The semi-finalists showed off their hard rockin’ performances in front of the jampacked crowd. The judges from last night’s event were Sammy Asuncion of the band Spy and Kalayo, Mark Escueta of Rivermaya and a representative from GBOB international. Hosted by former MTV Phil. video jock and current host of GBOB show at UR105.9 John Joe.


These bands were so talented that instead of 5, they picked 6 winners namely Wilabaliw, Penguin, Circa, Pancake 80, Final Vow and Anhura.


The list of of the semifinalists and their songs :


Here’s a clip of their performances :



Penguin ; Wilabaliw; Jeepney Joyride; Retractory; Faircatch; Transcendent; Subzero; Midsummer; The Masterminds; Guest band – Kamatisyahu; Circa; Bored of Trustees; Anhura; (not on the vid, sorry I’ve ran out of battery 🙁 )Pancake 80; Final Vow; Serefamus; Guest band – Bigband Groove.


Pics from the event courtesy of Tanyography, CLICK HERE 🙂


The team of Indiepinoy were also there to cover the event which was simulcast live at and



Listen to UR105.9 every Mondays 10 p.m. for the GBOB show. Visit also and