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Tatlo Pang Kuwento ni Lola Basyang Unveiled

Ballet Manila presents “Tatlo Pang Kuwento ni Lola Basyang”, a stage play that features world-renowned ballet artist Lisa Macuja-Elizalde and some of the best ballet performers.

One of the most respected actresses in the country, Luz Fernandez, returns to play the lead role as the old storyteller named Lola Basyang while Missy Macuja Elizalde plays the character of a young girl named Ate Missy who helps Lola Basyang tell the stories to the other children.

It is composed of three parts, “Labindalawang Masasayang Prinsesa”, “Ang Palasyo ng Mga Dwende’s” and “Anting-Anting” with stories depict on fantasy, love, comedy and horror.

The previous show “Tatlong Kuwento ni Lola Basyang” was a big hit according to a report by Philippine Daily Inquirer, so the group brought in new materials for the audience.

Having the privilege to watch the show on its opening night courtesy of a friend, it will definitely hit similar success and mass appeal as to its predecessor.

It was my first time to see a play since my high school/college days and I got so thrilled. The stories were good, had a great laugh on the last part of the story titled “Anting-Anting”, the place was filled with great crowd (saw many kids that it made me feel like young again), awesome performances by the actors, nice set, and of course the background music on those stories were fantastic. Hats off to everyone who made this possible, from the producer to the play’s director, cast and crew, choreographers and musical directors, one of whom is award-winning composer/arranger/hegalong player extra-ordinaire Diwa de Leon for his magnificent work on “Ang Palasyo ng Mga Dwende’s” musical arrangement that also features the powerful, superb and enchanting voices of Jeanne Vicars (voice coach to Charice, Sarah Geronimo, etc) and Zab Reyes of the band Escape the C.


The show was very entertaining that I recommend it for all ages to watch it. You still got the chance to catch this event since the play dates were moved due to typhoon last time around. You may check out Aliw Theater’s website for its schedules.