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Manila Boy’s Town Remembered

It’s been what, 6 months after we last visited the Manila Boy’s Town in Marikina, and I wonder how these kids are going especially that it’s school time once again. The pics I’ve posted here were shot when we checked out the place and some fortunate families were giving away some toys to everyone as their Christmas present. Hope more well fortunate families will do the same in helping these kids.


boy's town 1 Manila Boy's TownManila Boy's Town Playground

Photos by Chi Aprec

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Cardio Training : Jog at Marikina

Had a great cardio workout at Marikina Sports Complex this afternoon. The weather was perfect so I headed up there and did around 7 laps of walk, jog and sprint. This was part of my so-called gradual training for next week’s 3k and 5k fun run and for the upcoming events that I wish to join in. Got to be ready and fit before going to battle hehe.. As what the saying goes,  “Get fit to play, not play to get fit“.


Went there around 5 p.m. and there were only few joggers running. It surprised me a bit ’cause whenever I went there to jog, be it in the morning or evening, there were many runners on the track. By the time it was 6 p.m., people were coming in to the venue and the track was starting to be filled. So I guess if you want to jog with less people around, better go there around 5.


Jog at Marikina Sports Complex


Jog at Marikina Sports Complex


Running Track at Marikina Sports Complex


Outreach at Lualhati Ng Maynila

Felt great to lend a hand to others who were in need of someone’s help. We went to Lualhati ng Maynila and had an outreach program conducted by our friend’s family. Showing generosity, the family gave food to these children and elders at the home for the aged section.They had a small program which we also participated. Had a couple of songs performed for the audience. It was a heart-warming experience especially when we delivered the food on each rooms. Wish all the people are like this family, giving something whole-heartedly and with no political intentions whatsoever. This is what you call public service pips :). God bless you all!


photos by Chi Asprec


Performances captured on vid :

An elderly singing one of my favorite classic tunes Moonriver



Kids dancing on Bieber’s hit song


Cafe Lidia food

Cafe Lidia

From the city of Marikina is a restaurant/cafe that’s quite unusual to the place which is known for their hometown dishes. But this resto surprised me when I first visited it together with my brother, who tagged me along to dine in after hanging around to his place. Been there thrice and it’s worth a come back.


Cafe Lidia is one of the best restos around the Metro I would say. It has a very nice ambiance inside, great service from the crew, food has a beautiful presentation and is served fast. And the taste? Delectable!



Since I love pasta, it’s a haven for me for having this cool and cozy place. They also offer other cuisines aside from pasta. They serve chicken, steak, tuna, rice meals, cold and hot beverages and desserts.


Spaghetti Pomodoro


Pizza Papa All Meat Pizza



Strawberry Friz




Not on the pics above that I’ve tried were Pasta Pesto, Pasta Carbonara, Clubhouse, Fish n’ Chips, Buffalo Wings and Grandma’s Chocolate Cake.

So if you’re with your friends and are looking for a place to dine in, are on a budget and happen to be in Marikina City or near its vicinity, this is worth checking out. It has been featured before on QTV11’s Ang Pinaka Show (Ang Pinaka Budget Friendly Tsibugan Part2 episode) and was listed number 5 on its top 10.


Cafe Lidia is located at 64 Calderon Street, Calumpang, Marikina City.