Gayageum Luna

Video Feature of the Week: Voodoo Chile Gayageum ver. by Luna

Usually when you hear a classic guitar driven song that has been covered by other artists, they used the same instrument, the guitar. But on this video I stumbled, which I think has gone viral, thanks for Premiere Guitar for posting it on their Facebook page ( and various sites for sharing it, here’s a different take that sounds so fresh.

Luna performs a Jimi Hendrix‘ song Voodoo Chile using a Korean string instrument called Gayageum. Although you’ll hear guitar on her backtrack, Gayageum was the main instrument for the riffs and solos.

Her performance got my jaw dropped, never thought that someone would do it on a native instrument and pulling it off perfectly. Voodoo Chile is one of my favorite Hendrix songs, other favorite artists like Eric Clapton and Stevie Ray Vaughan had covered this as well and theirs were the top 2 versions in my head.

Luna’s version, I would say, has the same vibe as those two I mentioned, she justified the song so well that now I have my top 3 favorite Voodoo Chile versions.

Watch Luna on this Youtube vid performing her own version of Voodoo Chile.