Outreach at Lualhati Ng Maynila

Felt great to lend a hand to others who were in need of someone’s help. We went to Lualhati ng Maynila and had an outreach program conducted by our friend’s family. Showing generosity, the family gave food to these children and elders at the home for the aged section.They had a small program which we also participated. Had a couple of songs performed for the audience. It was a heart-warming experience especially when we delivered the food on each rooms. Wish all the people are like this family, giving something whole-heartedly and with no political intentions whatsoever. This is what you call public service pips :). God bless you all!


photos by Chi Asprec


Performances captured on vid :

An elderly singing one of my favorite classic tunes Moonriver



Kids dancing on Bieber’s hit song