Jon Gomm

My Video Pick of the Week : Jon Gomm Performing Passionflower on Acoustic

Got stunned by this video posted by a friend. Never seen a performer who does everything on one instrument – acoustic guitar. Though there are amazing acoustic players who do great playing on acoustic, most of them arrange popular songs in instrumentals, but this guy, named Jon Gomm, he’s not just doing all these guitar virtuoso stuffs – tapping, hammer-ons/pull-offs, detuning, etc., he also sings! He also makes his guitar like a percussion instrument ala Andy Mckee and the rest of the acoustic virtuosos. What’s more amazing is that his performance seems effortless and easy to do, as if he’s playing the keys which are light on the fingers but heck it’s not! I have been playing guitar for years and it’s not an easy thing. Lot of practice and discipline needed to reach this point.


Gomm’s performance of Passionflower had an Eastern vibe which I really, really do like, mixed in with that percussion technique on the instrument, some scratching on its body (a very surprising move), tapping on the strings, awesome progression, nice chops and a great voice, whoah, it made my day. This one made me pick-up my acoustic while watching his vids and try to copy his styles but of course to no avail haha.


Watch him on this vid as he makes his acoustic guitar an all around instrument while singing!