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The Unknown Paragraphs with Melodies EP Launch

Guitar virtuoso, singer and songwriter Glenn Mapue has launched his EP ‘The Unknown Paragraphs with Melodies’ on April 10 at Autonomy and it was a success.

The event showcased the wide musicality of Mapue as he brought his bands that played different genre. He opened up the night playing with his group featuring a female singer rocking out the evening and there’s his trio group named Bluestrip for a more strip down music, his other band Mint, which I also played guitar, for Beatle-influenced songs and Mushroom, the funky guitar driven-band that reminded me of Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Other performers on the night were people at Songwriter’s Philippines that include Kuya Kurt, Jyel Tagbo, Lester Namocatcat, Pikoy, Jeffrey Yumol, Leslie Navarro, Jong Sumangil, Bryan Amparo, Jaymark Reynon, Dence Unwired and Jeczerius, alternative band Flytrap, Sending Raven and Quatro.

Here are some vids from the event.


Featured Song: Kimberly Collado and Lester Namocatcat’s Hibang

Whenever I hear someone says OPM is dead or songwriting is dead here in the Philippines, my initial reaction has always been, huh?! Is this person aware of the scene? Because if you will see the independent or underground circuit, we have abundant of talented songwriters and performers waiting to be heard and get played on the radio. Well businesswise I think it may be true for them (radio stations have been playing foreign songs, the majors are into revival of old classics as well as reviving top 40 hits of today which is killing the craft), but if you’ll get a look of events like the Songwriter’s Night held every third Monday of the month at Conspiracy Garden Cafe in Visayas Ave, Quezon City, there are already plenty of talents to watch out for, and they’re performing their own original compositions, most only heard via posts on the internet, and just outside Songwriter’s Philippines, there are other songwriting groups as well, particularly 7101 Music Nation, which boasts of upcoming artists.

Batch 3 members Kimberly Collado and Lester Namocatcat, two of the talented artists I met with the group, have this great song collaboration and I was honored to jam it with them. Impromptu. The two performed “Hibang” (means crazy in English) at Songwriter’s Night event and also joining them were percussionist/guitar luthier JP Hernandez on djembe.

Here’s a vid from that event.