Google Les Paul

Les Paul Tribute..Playing Along With Google Guitar

Today, Google has come up with another innovative idea, having a guitar on their homepage. What’s cool with it is that you can play it! It’s Google’s tribute to one of the greatest guitar players of all time, Les Paul, and he’s celebrating his birthday.


Here’s what I’ve come up after playing each strings around using my mouse and figuring out a decent sound. Got totally inspired from the notes I hit, so I thought I would just make this one as an instrumental composition. Since it’s LP’s birthday, the title of this is “LP Tribute”. This is my rhythm track which I did hands on. I looked like an idiot here, hitting on the strings over and over creating the same sound for more than 3 minutes hahaha.



And here’s my track with additional guitars for the solo. Pardon if the timing is aweful ’cause I did this on-the-spot, so whatever comes into my playing was recorded, including the bad notes. Nyak.. I’m pretty sure you have played this cool feature along and could have come up with the same idea as I did on the rhythm part. With millions of Google users around the globe, there’s one person for sure who may have the same sound created upon playing this thing. Anyway this is just one of the best innovations Google did on their homepage which I overused. Hope Google had a sustain on the notes so it would have a li’l dynamics hehe.



Thanks to Google for this one, I was able to come up with a rhythm track. 🙂


All guitars played by Marvin Bea. The rig used were Google guitar and mouse for the rhythm part while a real guitar (Squier Telecaster) with an overdrive pedal (Ibanez Tubescreamer) was added for the solos plugged straight to PC.

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