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Holy Week 2011

Holy week, the time we commemorate the last week of Christ’s life on earth, is also a time of reflection. While others go out on trips and summer hang outs, I just stayed back home, paying homage to what Christ has done to save us. And as a little sacrifice, I cleaned my room, washed all the clothes, no computer and internet browsing until Sunday morning and went on to complete the Prusisyon last Friday. It was the first time to see so many people attended this and my first time to
finished the long walk, well I always went home when the route was getting near our house when I was a kid. Whew it’s tiring but it felt great. A great achievement for me.


Though we never did the 14 stations of the cross and Visita Iglesia, me and my cuz went to church for the Easter Vigil and the Salubong. Was surprised a bit that there were less people who attended the Easter Vigil compared to the previous years. But nevertheless, these people showed up and had stayed for 2-3 hours. It was very uplifting indeed.


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