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R.I.P. Karl Roy.. This Prayer’s for You

March 14, Tuesday early morning, still awake and working, a sad news greeted me as I opened my social networking site. One of the best voices in Philippine rock music, Karl Roy, has died, that according to some of my online friends’ (people who have worked with him and are close friends) shout-outs.It was a shocking news that I thought would certainly rock the whole local music scene when the sun rises and everyone’s awake, watching the morning news, browsing the net and opening their accounts on FB, Twitter, Google+, etc. And it did. It quickly spread and fans were deeply saddened by the sudden loss of a great talent.



Karl Roy’s stature as one of the best frontmen has influenced many, even imitated his coolness, style, voice, songwriting and onstage performance. He’s a rock icon, one that was being looked up to and a gauge of longevity and success for newbie rockers. If you have a band and your music is into funk, rock, soul, fusion, his bands – Advent Call, P.O.T., Kapatid definitely are included in the list of influences. That’s how big he and his bands were here. He’s like the local version of Anthony Keidis, who’s so energetic and could pumped up the crowd easily.


Remembering him, here’s some of his live performances from MTV’s Live & Loud.





Surely he’ll be missed. May you rest in peace. Rock on!


This prayer’s for you…