Paula Alcasid

Paula Alcasid Releases Kalma Lang EP

Just days after Date with Fate launched its Across the Big Blue Sky album, talented singer-songwriter Paula Alcasid has released her solo EP “Kalma Lang” under Downorth Musique.

The EP includes the single of same title “Kalma Lang” (which I got the chance to contribute by playing both acoustic guitars and bass parts in the record) and has 5 tracks on it which has a mix of laid-back acoustic music with some RnB/hiphop-influenced electronica. Her single “Antibiotic” has been featured previously on Radio Republic.

For sure, those who have listened to DWF’s album will compare to her solo work but the music here separates from the ones in the band, with the latter’s influence based on 80s-90s new wave/alternative pop music whereas in her solo outfit, reveals her own brand.

Listening to the tunes in this EP gives you a relaxing mood, setting up the tone for a great day ahead. And with various independent acts releasing their own albums and EP’s, 2015 will be a big year for everyone indeed.

Check out Kalma Lang, it is now available on Spotify

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