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New Music Featured Artist: Carlos Castano

This is one of the reasons why not all you hear on radio and see on tv are good. Well, it is because there are independent artists who are as good or even better than the ones mainstream market has to offer. You’ll be surprised at how deep the pool of talents there are around the local scene, so about that songwriting is dying thingy, pfftt..


Was checking for the latest updates on my news feed and saw a guy named Carlos Castano post on a wall on one of the group pages. The post was his site’s link containing songs of his latest release. I’ve listened to all the songs there and wow, this dude is remarkable! Terrific set of songs, very catchy, great voice and nice recording too! Two thumbs up!!


So browsing on a limited time at an internet cafe has paid its prize after all. May have lost net connection but hanging out a bit in there was worth while. After listening to these songs, I was already humming some of it. I’m gonna include this as one of my favorite releases this year. Kudos for those great compositions. Will I give a review? Well, I will leave it to you guys. :p


Do check out his site and listen to the tunes, I’m sure you would like it too… Support the local independent music!


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