Impromptu Jam @ Songwriters’ Night, Sitting In With The Group X2M

Last night was another jam time at Songwriters’ Night in Conspiracy Garden Cafe at Visayas Ave. I was asked late by my friends to sit in to their group X2M, since they, the core members will not be there. So it’s another impromptu jam, and with the songs emailed to me before I went to the venue, there’s no time to practice hehe, only, I listened to their songs posted on their website, tried to get the feel of the songs, and as what Filipinos say it, “Bahala na“. Yeah, that was inside my head when I got there, bahala na, anything goes. And I think it was also what Drew had in mind, since he’ll be singing the songs aside from playing the bass parts hehe. So it was X2M and friends performing, minus the X2Ms of course, we were the “and friends” group. 🙂


Was surprised also with new talents performing that night, their songs were good, easy listening stuffs, it chillaxed my mood of the evening.


This was one of the vid taken from last night, I’ve seen one clip and some parts I did were awful, hit the wrong notes, acheche.. This song, seemed to be ok though, but I hope I did justice to it and the rest of the songs. To listen to the original arrangements, please visit X2M’s website which by the way I did a collaboration work on one song :