Valero Revisited

Revisitng Valero with Kahoyman, who was one of the original co-submitter boys. It’s been 5 years since I last set my feet here. The place has changed a bit with some establishments gone and new ones arise. This is the street where our office was once located in the busy district of Makati.


Antel bldg. Before it was all plain but now has a blueish-green color on the sides.


The submitter boys’ tambayan. The usual hangout during breaktime. Now it has fences.



Il Ponticello, the favorite hangout spot. The place where beer is gold. Why? ’cause a beer costs around 300-350 if I’m not mistaken. That’s already a price of one case of beer at a grocery or sari-sari store! Good thing there’s 7-11. So before you go upstairs and party at Ponti, get drunk at 7-11 first. That’s what party pips usually do here. The gym meanwhile besides Ponti was way too hardcore before, but now it looks nice.


KFC at Lyceum. Everytime there’s a birthday celebrant among the submitter boys, he would treat the whole team here.



Just a few walks from our office at Antel bldg. is this building where my friend, who happened to be our former boss hehe, once resided before. Hanging out, playing video games,  getting drunk after work, those were the days.