Brendan Power

Brendan Power Harmonica Tour

U.K.-based harmonica player Brendan Power visited the Philippines for his harmonica tour workshop last December 6. The venue in his Manila leg was 70s Bistro in Quezon City. Together with Tom Colvin of Lampano Alley, they did the workshop-concert. They demonstrated how to play the basics with Suzuki harmonica their weapon of choice. That brand really is a beast, had a couple of those and they sounded so good, a great buy!


Power was accompanied by talented young Pinoy musicians with Kakoy Legaspi playing on guitars. Kakoy’s playing was great as ever, his style showing a lot of maturity and having that pedal which would sound his guitar into keys, sax and other instruments, it was one helluva jam night. Fronting the evening was the younger guys of Bleu Rascals who played mostly Stevie Ray Vaughan’s classics.


It was an evening of blues, with afficionados present at the venue. Power with Colvin and Ronnie Badilla joined the band for the night’s momentous jam and it was very uplifting.




Blues Jam With A 2 Year Old

This was one of those rare times we’ve ever jammed. It was morning, had a nice brunch, me and my bro had set-up each of our instruments to play along some riffs. Practice time! This was how we practice, play anything, and try to fill-in each lines. Then his talented 2 year old kid joined in the fray, so I lend him my blues harp. It ended up him playing along. It was a nice blues morning jam. Great bonding time! 🙂