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Half Man Half Elf Releases “Buhay Karnabal”

haLf man haLf eLf, the Canadian-based band fronted by Alfie Vera Mella (Half Life Half Death, one of the pioneer new wave bands in the Philippines) has released a new track “Buhay-Karnabal” (Carnival Life) for their upcoming album that also featured appearances from different artists both in the independent and mainstream scene.

Some members of the group visited the country last time and during their stay, they have recorded materials at Nolit’s Studios with the help of music friends.

For this particular song, A.V. Mella (vocal parts, bellkit, orchestration, conductor) had the following contributors: Canadian Christine Mazur on violin, Polet Patawaran on guitar, Gremar Bernil on bass and six-string guitar, Zandro Sotto (Komiks Tale) on drums,
Joan Bonito (Komiks Tale) on backup female vocals, Gary Ignacio (Alamid/The Saintstreets) on additional male vocals and myself on dobro guitar – it was an honor to be part of this record and on the whole project.

“Buhay-Karnabal” has crossed different genres aside from the band’s new wave roots, a diverse music worth listening.

You can check out the lyrics and other info via