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Congrats to all the 2012 Grammy Winners!

Congrats to Foo Fighters for winning the Best Rock Performance! And to all the Nominees and Winners of the recently concluded Grammy Awards 2012!


On Dave Grohl’s acceptance speech, totally well said.


Check out their site for the complete set list of nominees and winners.


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My Vid Pick Of The Week : Kid Duo Performing Everlong By Foo Fighters

It’s been quite a long time since my last post, went on a semi-hiatus mode, but hey it’s good to be back. The itch to write is here again, so time to scratch it off hehe. Well, this writing thing has been part of my system already, so definitely will be back, many thanks to my beautiful and very nice friends/former colleagues who influenced me on the world of blogging. You guys rock and a big inspiration! 🙂


Talkin’ about people who rock my world, here are two kids who made my mood today perfect. Found this vid through on of my friend’s posts, and it stunned me. The girl singing was great. She’s so cute and adorable in that hippie-inspired outfit. 🙂 And the boy on acoustic guitar?! He was awesome! As these two inspired me, it has come to my mind that I better post more vids like this one, yeah I do think so, ok so from time to time, I will be posting some of my favorite vids here and will call it my vid pick of the week.


Today’s pick is the duo of Dylan and Lauren, who at a very young age, were able to perform my favorite Foo Fighter’s song “Everlong”. I’m sure Dave Grohl and the rest of Foo Fighters will be happy if they see this great performance. 🙂


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Foo Fighters’ Wasting Light

Still had a hangover with this live performance I saw by the Foo Fighters at their Youtube channel. Performing songs from their latest album, Wasting Light, they did the catalogue straight and clean. I really dig their guitar tones. Awesome sound! Truly one of the great bands around! Nice to see Pat Smear playing guitars again with them.



Next is their new video release entitled “Walk” off their new album Wasting Light. It’s a parody of Joel Schumacher’s 1993 movie Falling Down starring Michael Douglas. The band has once again pulled off another wacky vid, they’re really good at doing these kind of stuffs, putting up humor in their hard rocking songs. Dave Grohl and company rock!