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R.I.P. Fitness Mentor Joe Weider

Music has played a big part on my life and as you’ve probably noticed, most of my posts here are about it but aside from music, one of the things that interests me is fitness. Fitness and health have shaped up my belief and ideal that not all musicians, especially rockers, are into that sex, drugs and rock n’ roll type of living. That became my mantra and wanted to show people that you can have a rockin’ performance on stage by being sober, alcohol, smoke and drug-free. Healthy-living folks!

One of the people that inspired me to get fit was Joe Weider, the father of modern bodybuilding and the man who introduced Arnold Schwarzenegger and other famous body builders. I felt sad about the news I stumbled today on Huffingtonpost that he died of heart failure. He was 93 and survived by his wife.

Joe Weider with Arnold Schwarzenegger

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I give my hats off to Weider as I learned a lot from his magazines like Muscle & Fitness, Flex and Shape. If you’re a beginner or even advanced body builder, these are very helpful in achieving your goals.

And from what I’ve read about Arnold and the rest of the guys, he was so generous and would give his expertise to them, give helpful advice and tips that could also be implemented in life as well. He was a great man indeed and he will be missed by everybody.

Here’s a very inspiring quote of Weider, “Strive for excellence, exceed yourself, love your friend, speak the truth, practice fidelity and honor your father and mother. These principle will help you to master yourself, make you strong, give you hope and put you on the path to greatness.”

May you rest peace sir.