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Multiple Sunday Celebration – Celebrating Kim’s 2nd Birthday In Time With Easter Sunday

Today is Easter Sunday, the day when Christ resurrected from the dead. It’s a multiple celebration day here at our home, celebrating Easter and at the same time celebrating Kim’s, my niece and li’l sis of Kaye, 2nd birthday and also her yaya’s. It’s also the first birthday celebration of Poy, my nephew/inaanak from my cuz, and also to our younger cuz Kristel, who now turned 10. All of them were born on the 23rd but since it’s Black Saturday yesterday, all celebrated their birthdays today. So it’s gonna be eat, eat and eat! Woohoo! Unfortunately for us, we couldn’t be there on our cousin’s celebrations since we’re having our own at home too. Anyway, happy birthday to all who celebrated their birthdays today.


Happy Easter to everyone!