Music Collaboration: Invisible

Today’s technology has made life easier and even made people from different places get to connect via internet. Musicwise, it’s a big leap as you can now collaborate with other musicians far from you. Whereas before, you have to meet and jam together, nowadays, you just record the tracks, send those track files to your collaborator and that’s it, the song is made even if you guys haven’t met each other or jammed together.

Here’s one example of an online collaboration between AJ Antonio of X2M and Ellei Maj of Diwai. The song, titled “Invisible”, was written by Ellei and then was arranged by AJ. It was an honor for me to be part of this online collaboration, laying down additional guitar tracks to the already guitar-filled song. 🙂

Ellei Maj – vocals
AJ Antonio – guitars, sequencer
Dennis Roxas – solo slide guitar
Marvin Bea – additional guitars

Listen to Invisible via Soundcloud.