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Hostage Drama Unfolds Today

The country is again on top of the headlines in the world today! But a worst one that will put us to shame..

Just got back home from work earlier, watched tv and saw the news about this hostage drama that happened in Manila.  As reports said it, a former cop hijacked a bus, a tourist bus that was, with passengers ready for a flight back to Hongkong. These tourists, all set for an evening flight, went on tour first, well maybe just to kill some more hours as it was still way too early probably.

But as it went out, it’s the worst tour that ever happened! The bus got seized, and everyone’s on a panick button. Police authorities, not ready with these kind of situations, showed signs of ineffectiveness.

Hours gone by, and still no progress. Death has come to some inside, gunshots heard here and there, and even saw a teenager, a bystander probably, getting full medication as he got hit.

Hey, how come civilians not involved on the scene were out there, where’s the control to these “usis“?

And finally,  after a long wait and failed negotiations, the swat team surrounded the tour bus, and like the ones you see on action flicks, unloaded a barrage of shots. A sniper shot down the hostage taker and so it was over. The latter succumbed to death, with bullet in the head.

Unfortunately, many lives were already taken before they took the suspect down.

It’s quite surprising how many of these “usis” immediately went on the bus, while the swats investigated inside and searched for more victims. A sigh of relief when survivors were spotted.

Let’s pray to all the victims who fell on this tragic day…

On the hindsight, the authorities will be the main subject on tomorrow’s news. How they handled the situation, these and that.. This one reminds me of the hostage taking happened years back at an MRT station, when authorities failed to utilized the scene..

With the current urgency of the country to bounce back from the crisis it’s long been facing, events such as this shouldn’t be happening. It really saddens me as this will pull us down once more, especially when the victims are all tourists. It will greatly affect our economy and our image.

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