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Prolific songwriter Dizzy Cruz is back with brand new songs after a long hiatus in the local music indie scene. The frontman of Crude Oz, has launched a new site Dizzysongwriter featuring his latest songs as well as unreleased tracks from the vault.

Taking a rewind, Crude Oz was a band that had songs with regular airplay on local fm stations, numerous number one spots on music countdowns by NU107 and UR105.9 and a nomination on NU107’s Rock Awards In the Raw category during its heyday. This author got a chance to play with the band in its version 2.0/3.0 and was also a part of its Straight Jacket album released in 2009.

Fast forward to present, Dizzy has written a lot of songs in the post-band era (so many that he could actually release a double album in a year if he wanted to), and this site provides us, both old followers and new listeners, to his brand of music.

Dizzy’s goal for this site is to share at least one content every Friday so it’s going to be a treat to everyone.

Click HERE to listen to the latest track Wake Up, a trippy, guitar-driven pop rock that will motivate you in your daily grind.

Crude Oz

Crude Oz’ Straight Jacket Revisited

It’s been four years since alternative band Crude Oz released its debut album Straight Jacket and to celebrate its 4th year anniversary, chief songwriter/frontman Deo Cruz has re-recorded the tracks. And he did awesome at capturing some of the songs’ original arrangements from the record!

The 2013 version of the songs have mix of new and old arrangements and they’re posted on Soundcloud. The album contained 12 tracks so there are still few tracks left to be uploaded if the original plan is to reprise them all. Seven tracks are already available on its page that include the most requested LSS (Last Song Syndrome) song “Quitting You”, “Straight Jacket”, “Til My Fingers Bleed”, “Delusion”, “Send It Back”, the groovy version of “Invisible Chains” (I played guitar tracks for this song :)) and my new favorite “Atlantis” so looking forward to the other versions.

Visit Crude Oz’ Facebook page for upcoming gigs and latest news.

Listen to the songs. Enjoy. 🙂


Music Collaboration: Recording Dizzy Songwriter’s “Hey”

When you’re a musician, recording is another beast that is as fun doing as a live performance. It allows you to find your creativity and let it flow through the sessions. Comparing the two, I would prefer recording since you can have multiple takes if you commit some mistakes along the way.

But what if you’re set to record in a studio and on that day of schedule, you have no particular song which one to record and you don’t even know the parts yet. It’s going to be a hassle and may be a mess as you’ll consider both the studio time and your budget.

This session I did with Dizzy Songwriter aka Deo Cruz of Crude Oz last February at Banana Rising Studio in Ayala, Alabang pretty much had all these and the challenging part was how to execute it in a few hours. Another problem was we had no drummer to guide the tracks, well it’s kinda hard to record without the beat as the timing might not sync in. Good thing we’re meeting a good ol’ friend whose a drummer (Crude Oz v1) so we asked if he could sit in.

Now the hard part, which of the songs should be recorded. After settling on one, we rehearsed a bit since the drummer don’t know the song yet and I had to familiarize it again as we moved to different keys.As soon as we knew the parts, I plugged the guitars straight in the amp, and record!

As it turned out, it’s like magic, we were able to pull it off, one song down! And we did it in just 2 1/2 hrs. excluding the mix. These what made the song so cool to record, anything goes!

Here’s a vid of the session shot by Paolo Vivas.

Date With Fate music

Date With Fate Album In The Works

Date With Fate, the side project of half of Crude Oz members, is recording new materials for their independent debut album release. The band has an alternative pop rock sound with a touch of ambient and new wave influence. Backing tracks for six songs were done and just waiting for the vocal tracks to lay in. A few more songs and off we go!


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